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Tomy Herseta ‘Fragments (Selected Soundtracks 2014-2019)’

Photo by Eandaru Kusumaatmaja

Born in Yogyakarta and currently based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Tomy Herseta is known as an interdisciplinary artist / designer with various works ranging from sound design, installation and virtual reality experiences. He is also a member of noise rock experimental project, Konstipasi and has participated in the record production with various Indonesian bands such as Cloudburst,  Gaung, and Senja Dalam Prosa. After releasing his debut EP ‘Attempt’ through Héma Label in 2017, Tomy Herseta undertook a collaborative project with contemporary pianist Gardika Gigih in 2018, followed by the single ‘Expanded Circumstance’ in the same year. At this moment, Tomy Herseta will release an album titled ‘Fragments (Selected Soundtracks 2014-2019)’.


This album is a collection of soundtracks that he had worked on during 2014-2019, which was later mixed and remastered for the release. The 14 tracks in this album are including soundtracks from virtual reality games, dance, installations and short films. Some of them are ‘Among Putro Skyworld’ produced in 2017 in Bandung for an installation work by Muammal NM & Ady Setyawan of the same name. Also ‘Rainmaker’ produced for Rainmaker Performance at the Over het IJ Festival 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All tracks consist of vibrational waves, piano harmony, intensive percussion, sound textures and glitches to epic spatial ambience. For album cover art and packaging, Tomy Herseta took inspiration from the works of Wim Crouwel and Wassily Kandinsky which was later done by designer and label director Bagus Purwoko.


Along with the release of this album, Tomy Herseta works with Héma Label to raise funds for socialization to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, especially in the environment around Tomy Herseta’s neighborhood in Bantul, Yogyakarta. Héma Label will print a limited edition album CD which all proceeds will be used to provide hand sanitizers or masks and print outreach pamphlets on COVID-19 and distribute directly to residents around the village of Karanggayam, Sitimulyo, Bantul. The production and distribution process will be assisted by Tomy Herseta’s family. 


Tomy Herseta – Fragments (Selected Soundtracks 2014-2019) album will be released on the digital platform on April 12, 2020. Physical releases will be available in CD-R format, and can be pre-ordered starting on April 7, 2020 to April 15, 2020. Proceeds from digital album sales via Bandcamp during the pre-order period will also be donated to this activity. And the production and distribution process of logistics will be carried out starting April 20, 2020.

Catalog Number:




Tomy Herseta


Album Title:

Fragments (Selected Soundtracks 2014-2019)



Soundtrack, Ambient





Release Date:

12 April 2020


Track List:

01. Noises Over Revery

02. Rainmaker

03. Among Putro Skyworld

04. Moola Mantra

05. Twists and Turns

06. Corpse of the Optimist

07. It’s Strange

08. Buoyancy 

09. Gloya 

10. Marka Samcara

11. Traffic Madness

12. Festive

13. Family for Family 14. Borderlessness


If you wish, you can donate more when making a transfer on check out. All proceeds will be used for socialisation to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus around the village of Karanggayam, Sitimulyo, Bantul.