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Upon starting this label, I grew up with hardcore punk gigs in Java. I saw Wreck and Vague on the same show at a college basement in Bandung. I thought if I had my own label one day, I’d love to work with these people. And then what do you know? Both bands came to me two years after Héma started. Vague and Wreck are important to me because not only do they represent my hardcore punk background, but they’re also very much relevant to this indie label i’m running.” – Bagus / Héma

Good things come to those who wait. The idea of doing this split EP came about in 2016 when Vague and Wreck did a tour together in Solo. Vague, a power-trio from Jakarta, formed in 2010 (Gary Hostage, Januar Kristianto and Yudhistira Agato) and Wreck, a Bandung punk rock quartet formed in 2013 (Heyipul, Firman D, Senjahari, Codename A) agreed to work together with Héma, a Bali-based label. 

On the split, both Vague and Wreck who are clearly influenced by the revolution summer sound have produced their own voice: a loose hybrid of punk and indie rock without sacrificing the energy of hardcore punk. Vague’s songs were recorded in late 2018 at Studio Kandang, Jakarta, and showcase dynamic arrangement of tunes that are both dissonant and melodic with touches of drone/noise. Wreck’s side, recorded in mid 2015 at Funhouse Studio, Bandung, is about catchy guitar lines and soaring vocals. 

The EP is released by Héma, an independent label based in Bali who have put out releases from Sunlotus (Blora), Annie Hall (Yogyakarta) and Cotswolds (Surabaya) and will be available on digital platforms accessed through Héma label. In early 2020, the 7” record of the EP will be available in limited quantity. 

The album artwork is done by Bagus Purwoko, an art director and designer based in Bali, who also single-handedly runs the label. The photographs were taken using a 35mm film camera at an interior warehouse in Denpasar, Bali, and represent the EP and the bands: a bit unpolished, a bit of an outsider, but always bright and warm. 

Catalog Number:

Vague & Wreck

Album Title:
Split EP

Punk Rock, Alternative Rock

Release Format:

Release Date:
30 November 2019

A1. Vague – Ambang
A2. Vague – Cangkang
B1. Wreck – Attentat
B2. Wreck – Yang Terbuang