Born and raised in Bali, Agha Dhaksa was known as the member of Denpasar psychedelic rock band, Rollfast. Beginning in 2015 by fiddling with guitar and GarageBand, then start exploring more into Logic, synth, Ableton and sampling. GGGS is an experimental outlet that doesn’t set limits and has no purpose. Make songs according to mood, play spontaneously; at least until now. Agha was also collaborated with choreographers for scoring Balinese contemporary dance.

Under the moniker of GGGS, Agha utilize ambient electronic sound from guitar, synth and various Balinesse instruments. Influenced by the 1928 Bali album – ANTHOLOGY: The First Recordings, Yudane, Dewa Alit, also other influential groups and composers such as Steve Reich, Cluster, Mort Garson, Geinoh Yamashirogumi, Joe Hisaishi.

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Listen Gumatat Gumitit Go Spell demo on Bandcamp