“This playlist was made to introduce my new shoegaze band, Sunlotus, debut album entitled, “This Old House”. The songs included is what roughly gave me influence and inspire how the band would approach. It was made as the basic foundation of ideas for the band, whether from the music itself to the basic concept and approach for the sound. The genre included inside the playlist ranges in various genres; sludge, prog rock, ambient, shoegaze, grunge, video game themes, noise, etc. This resulted to my work inside the album to be more diverse and broad than usual shoegaze stuffs. I guess this was also due to my unusual musical background as a shoegaze musician. I was involved in a lot of projects in the music scene, in a lot of bands; Deadly Weapon, Warmouth, LKTDOV to name a few. The music scene in the 60’s era where bands were thirsty on doing a lot of experiment stuffs also adds to my interest and influence.

The playlist itself was made to be a rough guide to understand the concept and theme of the album, “This Old House”. The album talks about a journey, to find a way home, nostalgic feelings, and the perseverance to live. I made the playlist to 4 session. The first session was captured by prog rock tunes, this represent how a person moves forward as he grows up in life. The second session ranges from the video game theme to industrial and noise rock music like Lightning Bolt. This represents how a grown person battles as the cog inside a machine, trying to search it’s way building conform as he walks in life. The third session represents it’s nostalgic feeling as a youth, being reckless, carefree, melancholic and such. And the fourth session is the last 2 songs, it represents gloominess. It tells that there is no such way to turn back time, and all we have to do is keep moving forward and rise our head up. Keep walking for life even in the end all we have is all ourselves.

Mastodon – Creature Lives
King Crimson – Epitaph
Opeth – Death Whispered A Lullaby
Cloakroom – The Sun Won’t Let Us Go
Pink Floyd – Us And Them
Nobuo Uematsu – Blue Fields
Yoko Shimomura – Hometown Domina
Ulver – Silence Teaches You How To Sing pt 3
Lightning Bolt – The Metal East
Lucie,Too – Lucky
Lightfoils – How It Is
Ryo Fukui – Autumn Leaves
Shigeo Sekito – The Word II
Failure – Saturday Savior
My Bloody Valentine – Honey Power
Nirvana – School
Have A Nice Life – The Big Gloom
True Widow – Nh

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